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October 05, 2018 5 Comments

As a follow-up to our previous article titled "Are Sex Dolls Legal in Canada?", which should be read first, we are going to dig in a little deeper to the subject to try and answer some of the most common questions we receive.

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There are also some "myths" which have been circulating which we're happy to dispel.

What is the minimum height allowed for import into Canada?

In fact, there is no minimum height. Of course, it is a slippery slope. The smaller you go with a sex doll, the higher the chance that it could be examined and interpreted by the inspecting official as a "child sex doll", and thus deemed obscene.

What about Mini Sex Dolls, which are approximately 100 cm in height?

Height is not a factor on its own, IN CANADA, to determine if a sex doll is considered a doll resembling a child, or obscene and inadmissible by customs.

What is the minimum breast cup size?

We don't have a minimum cup size, or breast size, for importing a doll. However, if the doll is near the 140 - 145 cm height range or shorter, we will not import a flat chested, or small breasted doll. This excludes any A-cup and most B-cup dolls.

However, if the doll is taller, we are happy to import an A-cup model. We find small breasts on a mature woman attractive like many of you do as well!

What about younger looking faces?

Unfortunately, sex dolls don't have ID cards showing their birth date. As a result, it is entirely a matter of judgment. Regardless of the size or breast cup of the doll, we do not import faces that are clearly portraying minors.

Some faces which look younger, but which can also easily be considered belonging to a 18-22 year old (although this is impossible to determine exactly), we will import if it is attached to a sex doll which is of adult size and has clear adult features (typically, breasts and hips).

We know The Doll Forum has recently cracked down on dolls that are considered young looking, but this is not consistent with the criteria set by the Canada Border Services Agency (CBSA), who are ultimately the authority (beyond the courts) on what is admissible in Canada.

Is it possible to ship the head separately?

We are often asked this, as some other sources have claimed to have success importing young looking faces on their own, separated from the body. We, however, will not import these heads / faces on their own, or separately. We also will not sell a sex doll without a head where the body could be considered to belong to a child.

What happens if a doll is seized by customs because it is considered "obscene"?

Firstly, at Sex Doll Canada, we have never had a doll seized or rejected for import because it resembled a minor. Never. Not once. Why?

There's no magic recipe or secret connections. We simply avoid dolls that are high risk, and we strongly recommend you do as well.

At a minimum you are faced with a full loss without financial remedy of your purchase. Imagine all the anxiety, financial loss, and sleepless nights if you are informed that your doll has been seized by Canada Customs because it resembled a minor. Is that a situation you want to roll the dice on?

Moreover, what if the shipment is allowed through and you then get a knock on your door by law enforcement who have a warrant to search your premises for child pornography?

For all these reasons, we don't roll the dice and take risks, we will not take a risk on anyone else's behalf, and we don't recommend you seek alternate means to procure a doll which is in the "grey zone".

I really want a sex doll, but can't possibly lift a +60 pound doll. What are my options?

That is a great question, and we're happy you are willing to consider working with us on other options. We'd be happy to offer some suggestions, but the doll will have to overall look mature! We can offer foam dolls, torsos, masturbators, and some higher-end products which are lighter weight which may all be viable options. One thing is for certain - if you procure a sex doll which resembles a child and are found in possession of it, having a "bad back" will not be a very good criminal defense.

I was told that a particular sex doll model was "certified" by CBSA, and allowed for import. Why won't you offer it?

Firstly, this is incorrect and misleading. No sex doll models have been singled out and "certified" as acceptable by CBSA. Moreover, the CBSA does not have any written guidelines for what is acceptable and what is not when it comes to sex dolls. It is at the discretion of the inspecting officer and they will seek guidance from subject matter experts in Ottawa.

Be extremely weary of any company or website that claims that a particular model is "certified" or "approved" by CBSA. Especially if that person is ready to take your money on an order!

I know somebody who successfully imported a smaller doll. Doesn't that mean I can too?

It will entirely be at the discretion of the inspecting officer. Once your import is questioned, it will be held for Assessment / Examination and then one or more additional officers will be asked to render an opinion on whether or not your doll is considered "obscene".

To make an analogy, if your friend got lucky and didn't get a speeding ticket on one occasion doesn't mean you can speed and get away without penalty. We don't recommend rolling the dice!

I have more questions. Can we talk?

While we are happy to speak to you regarding this, we aren't an official source or body of knowledge. Moreover, as this market continues to evolve, new information may surface. So please, when it comes to legal matter, don't take our word for it!

This article is based on our experience and our knowledge, and based on what we have been told by multiple official sources, including CBSA's Border Information Services. We recommend that you call them, speak openly with an officer, and ask them yourself. They are the authority, we are not. No information we can offer is a substitute for legal advice.

Border Information Services
E-Mail: contact@cbsa.gc.ca
Within Canada: 1-800-461-9999
Outside Canada: 1-204-983-3500

Also check: Top 10 models under 140 cm (4'7")

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November 09, 2020

Not a robot i would love to try a new doll


March 13, 2020



May 08, 2019

Hello, I am currently looking to purchase a doll, and have a couple of questions.

Do dolls have tongues, or is that a separate purchase?

Some sites offer an acoustic generator, but I have not found any information on what exactly that is. Are you aware of this? How does it work? Is it something you may offer in the future?

Rick (Sex Doll Canada)
Rick (Sex Doll Canada)

October 31, 2018

Yes, we certainly offer pick-up on any and all items. Location is in Toronto at 400 & 401.


October 31, 2018

Hi, do you possibly offer pickup instead of delivery?

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