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September 24, 2018

While a real silicone or TPE sex doll is not a replacement for the full human interaction and touch of another person, even the experts acknowledge that dating has gotten harder. Arguably, especially so for men.

Having said, that we believe that there is a sexual and emotional role that sex dolls can play in fulfilling one's individual needs.

Here are eight reasons why a sex doll can be better than dating:

1. Sex is Guaranteed

Have you ever had what seemed to be the perfect date with a girl, or hit it off exceedingly well, only to end the night with your dick in your own hand? You're not alone!

The reality is that dating is about getting to know someone, and most first dates don't end with a home run. This process, however, can be extremely frustrating as we all have sexual needs, and desperation can lead to frustration and disappointment. Find your release every time with a sex doll!

Better not to rush your date if you sense they're not ready ... just end the night with your sex doll who is ALWAYS IN THE MOOD! However, just keep your head out of the clouds and remember that real women aren't always in the mood.

2. New Partners Can be Dishonest

Personal ads are deceiving, and everybody tries to shed the most positive light on their dating profile. However, some can go further than that and flat out lie to you about their past or current situation. A sex doll has nothing to hide, and tells no lies! So, if you are temporarily sensitive to that initial discomfort with a new partner, or have little patience for getting to know someone underneath their "layers", a sex doll can offer some genuine reprieve.

3. Sex Dolls Give You the Benefit of the Doubt

Many on the dating scene, or those rebounding from a relationship, can be mistrusting and overall unwilling to fully open up to someone new for fear of getting hurt, or because they have grown tired of the process.

Sex dolls on the other hand are always willing to listen, will not judge you, and will give you the benefit of the doubt as your interaction with them is one-sided.

However, just because the sex doll can't interact with you the same way a real girl can doesn't mean she can't fulfill some of your emotional needs! Many have noted sincere relationships with their sex dolls, above and beyond human relationships, and that's OK!

4. Sex Dolls don't go on Facebook or Send Texts during your Date

With technology being constantly present in our lives today, it can be frustrating to find your real girl tuning you out as she texts her girlfriend (or who knows who!) while you're sitting down at dinner. Sex dolls don't use cell phones!

5. You Don't Have to Guess "The Rules"

If you find yourself wondering if it is OK to get the door for your date, stressing over who should pay the bill, or wondering how long you are suppose to wait before calling your date the next day, again you are not alone!

Dating is confusing, and while some may proclaim themselves veterans in the field, the reality is that there is no right answer for every situation.

If the anxiety and pressure of this mysterious framework have you avoiding dating, or taking a break, treat yourself to a sex doll who doesn't impose rules.

6. Dolls aren't Selfish and are Committed

A sex doll "knows" you, and only you. They aren't dividing their attention between you and a friend, family member or another lover. If you seek that level of devotion and have an internal need for a fully committed partner, you could find that benefit with a sex doll.

7. Dolls are Capable of Love

While many will shake their head at this claim, remember that in reality the relationship with the sex doll is one-sided. However, if you feel loved and feel accepted by a sex doll, then we would argue that in this respect sex dolls ARE capable of love!

8. Sex Dolls Don't Judge or Label You

A sex doll doesn't have an opinion on how you look, how you act, how you like to have sex, or how often you want to have sex with them. Whatever you do is OK! If you feel judged by others, and seek a neutral lover that you can share sexual or non-sexual experiences with, a sex doll serves a real need and can offer great benefit.


We hope this run down has given you a new perspective on sex dolls, or helped you think about them slightly differently. Remember - there is not one "type" of person (male or female) who buys sex dolls, and a sex doll is capable of fulfilling many purposes that are positive and beneficial. Like anything else, it all comes down to how you use it!

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