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Review a Product

In addition to reviewing your experience interacting with Sex Doll Canada (whether or not you have purchased with us) on The Doll Forum, you can also Review a Product!


Why Review Products?

Think back to when you were choosing your first, or your most recent doll. What are the things you wish someone would have told you or pointed out regarding a product? What features did you really like? What could use improvement? What was it that made you take the leap and make your purchase?

Even if you didn't buy your doll from Sex Doll Canada, you can still review a product so long as you currently own, or have owned, that exact product. We only ask that your reviews are honest.

All reviewers who have not purchased from Sex Doll Canada can expect to be contacted for verification.

Share a Product Review on Sex Doll Canada today, to help other enthusiasts decide whether a particular product is right for them or not.

Everyone who Writes a Review on a Doll / Masturbator / Torso will receive an extra gift complimentary with their next purchase from Sex Doll Canada!

Product With Review

Product With Review

Product Without Review

Product Without Review


How to Review a Product?

At the bottom of all Product Pages (a particular doll model, for example), you'll see a section that looks like the below. Just enter your information for an honest review (good or bad), providing detail where necessary, and we'll post it as soon as we've had a chance to review it!

How to Leave a Sex Doll Review