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Want faster shipping? Choose our Expedite / Dropship option!

Now offering an Express Air delivery option, shipping direct from the manufacturer, Sex Doll Canada is now offering an express shipping / drop-shipping service for customers in Canada, USA, EU and UK.

For custom doll orders (does not apply to our In-Stock products), the standard process for customers in Canada is that all dolls ship to Sex Doll Canada in Toronto before shipping to our customers. This gives us the opportunity to inspect all shipments carefully, and offer our Friendly Returns policy that gives customers the most flexibility from any sex doll vendor, anywhere!

However, we understand that sometimes our customers just don't want to wait. For this reason, we have introduced a new shipping option "Expedite / Dropship".

What does "Expedite / Dropship" mean?

Primarily, this option is for those who want to receive their custom doll AS FAST AS POSSIBLE!

When you select this option, we will order your custom doll for you direct from the manufacturer and your personal name and address will be provided to them as the recipient of the doll. This is what many other large sex doll vendors do already, as they don't normally set their hands on your doll at any time.

An important thing to note, however, is that Sex Doll Canada remains the Importer of Record (for Canadian customers), manages all communication pertaining to the import process and pays all shipping and customs on behalf of our customer. This still differentiates us from many of our competitors!

For customers outside of Canada, while we can't help you with the import process, we can help you cover the costs! Please see our FREE SHIPPING page for details.

While our customer's name and address will show up on the Waybill and the Commercial Invoice, we (as a third-party) take care of the Importing and Brokerage for Canadian customers.

Does the Friendly Return Policy still apply on orders made with the "Expedite / Dropship" option?

Unfortunately, no, it does not. All orders are considered final and we can't permit even partial refunds or exchanges except in the case of a manufacturing defect or damage during shipping. Remember, Our Guarantee Against Manufacturing Defects from Our Quality Guarantee still applies unchanged!

Do I still get my Free Premium Gift Items?

Yes all Canadian customers still will, and they will arrive separately shipping direct from us in Toronto.

Will FedEx or Customs call me with Questions?

Canadian customers will only be contacted by FedEx (or the respective courier) if they have trouble delivering to the address you provided, or if there is a problem with the delivery. You will not be contacted before the import process has been finalized.

Remember Canadian customers - no matter how you purchase, you are not responsible for importation; Sex Doll Canada is!