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If you already own a doll, or are purchasing your first doll, and would like to have an extra head, wigs or eyes available, or some care or storage items, feel free to browse through our collection!

While wigs and eyes are generally interchangeable and "one-size fits all", please remember that all heads are not interchangeable between brands. When in doubt, call or write to us to confirm compatibility with the body of interest. Moreover, please ensure to match skin tone carefully or source skin samples if you are unsure of what colour to choose.

Order your Custom Doll Add-On

If you weren't able to find anything In-Stock that you liked, or our stock is currently low, select a doll add-on below and then customize your choices.

Custom-Order Delivery Times

From the time your order is placed with us and payment is received, expect to receive your item in 2-5 weeks! If there are extraordinary delays, you'll be notified as soon as possible.

More Heads Available

If you are looking for a particular doll head but don't see it listed on our website, it just means we haven't loaded it yet. Don't worry, we can still custom order it for you! Please reach out and send us the head number, along with a photo and the manufacturer and we'd be happy to sell it to you at a competitive market price.