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Our Quality Guarantee

Before your custom doll is shipped to our facility in Toronto from the manufacturer's factory, photos will be taken by employees of the doll manufacturer and sent to you, by us. You will be asked to review these before the doll is released for shipment to us, in Canada.

This part of the process eliminates the great majority of errors that can take place when fulfilling a custom order. If there is the wrong wig, wrong skin tone, wrong head, or you want to make a minor change, this is the time to let us know! While all changes requested will be considered, please remember that photos shown in the product photoshoots are taken by professionals who spent hours dressing and doing make-up on the dolls - the factory photos are simply provided to confirm that the customizations you chose were implemented correctly. While the make-up artists at the factory always do their best to match the professional photoshoots we can't guarantee that it will match 100%.

With the Standard Shipping (to Toronto) option, once the doll is received and imported by us, Sex Doll Canada, we un-pack your item(s) and perform our own quality inspection; however we don't un-pack the full doll and inspect from head to toe. If anything is identified as something you, the customer, may notice or question or be concerned with, WE WILL FLAG IT before the doll is shipped to you.

We may send you additional photos at this time, if there are any issues, and your approval will be requested to ship the doll to you. This final unpacking process once the doll has been received by us in Toronto can usually be performed within one (1) business day, and is worth it!

How cool is that? No surprises when the doll ships to you!


Guarantee Against Manufacturing Defects

Factory photos are expected to catch the great majority for defects, and all products are yet again examined by us upon receipt in Toronto. Remember, WE KNOW WHAT TO LOOK FOR (i.e. neck, fingers, standing feet, etc.)!

Despite these efforts, if you receive your doll and it shows a significant defect that was not present or clear in any of the photographs you were sent, notify us immediately! Depending on the nature of the defect, the particular situation, and your preference, we can then remedy this situation by a number of options including:

(a) offering a full or partial return and refund, without any shipping cost to you;
(b) offering a partial refund without returning the item; or
(c) offering a replacement or a gift to compensate you for your trouble.

Remember - our job is to keep you happy, and to build our business. We understand that that is done with happy customers who write 5-star reviews! We will treat every situation with fairness and with a promise to do the right thing while working with the manufacturer and the customer.


If Your Package Arrives Damaged

Once your package arrives, if you notice any significant damage to the box, or punctures in the cardboard, notify the courier and then take photographs *before* opening it. Next, proceed to open the box and determine if any of the enclosed materials have been damaged. Take additional photos - more is always better. If you believe something is damaged, don't hesitate - contact us right away! If you can't reach us by e-mail, please call or text message us.