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May 10, 2019 3 Comments

If you browse through our site and take a product through to the Checkout page, you'll notice some new delivery options for those within about 30 min. drive from Toronto.

Example Shipping Options to Oakville, ON (In-Stock and Standard Shipping items only):

Example Delivery Options - Standard Shipping to Oakville

Firstly, it is important to note that the above available options only appear for items purchased with either the "Standard Shipping" option on the product page, or for an "In-Stock" item. That is because those items all clear through our Toronto facility for a final QC check prior to sale.

For items selected using the "Expedited / Dropship (Save $75 - Fastest)" method, these items do not go through SD Canada's office, and as a result, the delivery option is limited to having it shipped directly to you from the factory.

Standard vs. Expedited / Dropshipping

Here is an overview of the shipping options available in this example:


1. Free Ground Shipping (Canpar - No PO Box)

This is our primary, and recommended shipping option. Canpar is a reliable Canadian courier, offers online tracking of packages and Canadian customer service. While their customer service sometimes has high call volumes and tracking information may not be instantly updated, we have had excellent results with this courier. Please note that Canpar does NOT ship to Canadian PO Box locations.


2. Pick-Up at Canpar Holding Location (select your location)

If you don't want his package delivered to your Billing address for discretion, and prefer to pick it up yourself at your convenient time and location close to you, first browse to the link below and identify which location you'd like to use. Then, you can select this option and when your shipment is ready for delivery, you will get an automated shipping notification from us with your tracking number. You can let us know your preferred location by e-mail, or enter them into the Checkout notes. The holding facility will often call when your parcel is ready for pick-up.




3. Scheduled Pick-Up from SD Canada (400 & 401)

If you prefer to pick-up directly from our office, this is a great option. While we are normally available at least 4-5 days during the week (Monday through Friday), please note that as we don't maintain regular business hours at a retail storefront we will need to coordinate the pick-up date & time. We are located in Toronto near the intersection of Highways 400 & 401.


4. Purolator Ground

If you prefer to use Purolator instead of Canpar due to your personal preference, or want to pick-up from a Purolator depot, this option is available as well as an additional fee. If you would like you parcel shipped to a PO Box, then this may be your best option available. If your shipping location is a UPS Store with a fixed address, this is not considered a PO Box address and Canpar remains an option.


5. Personalized Scheduled Delivery (2-hr window)

This is our most recent delivery option added. If you would like delivery scheduled within a 2-hour window (which none of the above delivery services offer), we can provide this for you with our personalized courier. The cost for this service depends on the postal code entered and works for up to a 50 km radius from our office. We will work with you to find a delivery date & time convenient for you, avoiding travel during peak rush hours. Evening and weekend delivery is currently not available.

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May 06, 2020

Hey there! Please visit our Discount Codes and Promotions page (link below in web site FOOTER). It has all the details of the plans. Also feel free to call with questions if it isn’t clear – our customer service team will be happy to help :-)

jonathan shearing
jonathan shearing

May 06, 2020

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