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May 09, 2019

We are thrilled to announce that Sex Doll Canada recently provided a sexy little real sex doll model - 157 (5'1") Felicity - to play a role in a live theatre production in Montréal!

Felicity on Stage in a Theatre ProductionSexy little Sex Doll Canada Model Felicity

As a lover of the arts, we are both proud and honoured to promote the use of sex dolls and sponsor the National Theatre School of Canada in the process.

Felicity Hard at Work

Our sexy little real sex doll, Felicity, played a role in the school's recent production, L'Ecole des Femmes, which both intrigues and compels the audience to consider new perspectives on femininity and sexuality.

We are very proud of Felicity as she perfectly mastered all her lines, looked sexy as always, and represented Sex Doll Canada to the pleasure of the masses!

Sex Doll Canada sponsor's the National Theatre School of Canada

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