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September 06, 2019 2 Comments

An internal heating system, or sound / moaning add-on upgrade option, are both nice ways to enhance the experience with your sex doll and make it a little more realistic. Some manufacturers (but not all) have now developed heating and sound options, many with adjustable settings and some with motion sensors and voice commands. Please read our important safety / guarantee note on these system below.

Sound Systems
These sound systems work by installing the mechanism for sound directly in the head of the sex doll. They utilize an internal battery (also stored in the head) which is charged externally with an adapter. The voltage supplied to the battery in the head is low-voltage / low-current, and the charging adapter simply plugs into the wall electrical outlet.

Here is an example of the sound option offered by one of our favourite silicone sex doll suppliers, Sino-Doll, in action:

Video Demonstrating Sound Option - Voice Command System

1. How do you charge the sound system?

Please check the "power cord" photo below. See plug number (2) on the doll head diagram below. Courtesy of Sino-Doll.

power cord.jpg

2. How do the buttons work and what do the connections on the head look like?

All connections are hidden when in use by the doll wig / doll hair. Please check photo below.  Courtesy of Sino-Doll:

1 - Main button (on / off)
2 - Adapter input for heating (low voltage)
3 - Battery charging for sound system (low voltage)
4 - Microphone for receiving sound activation / sound commands


3. How long will the sound system battery last?
This strictly depends on use. It should be good for at least hundreds of charges*. When a green light appears, charging is complete / battery is full.  Courtesy of Sino-Doll.

4. Can the customer take the doll to shower if there is a sound system installed?
Never when connected or when powered. Never introduce water / moisture / humidity to the head and neck, or to any connections. This could be dangerous. Dolls also should not be standing in a shower, and should be safely seated in a stable position when in a shower, whether they contain electronics or not. Dolls are heavy, always require a third-point of contact, and can't stand stable on their own without assistance (such as a supporting wall, chair or other fixed structure).

5. How many type of sounds are there in the system?

Please check the sound system video and instructions: https://drive.google.com/open?id=1FDLZQUqbHNCwJQgbUfzo6y_q7eXIK4aB (this is command system)

Sino-Doll's sound system includes a command system and a touching system (by touching the doll, only one sound).  Courtesy of Sino-Doll.

6. Can the volume of the sound system can be turned up and down? Via remote?

Unfortunately, no. This can't be adjusted.  Courtesy of Sino-Doll.

Heating Systems
Heating systems work differently based on the manufacturer. Sino-Doll heats via a connection in the head, which in turn is connected into the body where the heat is generated (via low voltage). WM Doll directly has a heating system in the body itself (adapter plugs in under the side of the arm, typically hidden, via a low-voltage connection).
1. What is the voltage?
For different countries, the adapter is made to accommodate a different input voltage and has the appropriate connector. The voltage supplied to the doll is low-voltage.
2. Which parts of the body receive the heat? Does the head receive heat through a connection?
There are heating wires inside the doll, with the exception of the head, hands, feet, boobs.  Courtesy of Sino-Doll.
3. Does the doll have to be plugged in to the wall for it to be heated, or does it operate with an internal battery that is removable?
It must be plugged in to be heated.
4. Is there risk of electrocution, or danger if the customer takes it into a bath / shower and tries to operate the heating?
Don't ever use the heating option in water, always disconnect the power first when washing your doll or taking it into a damp or wet environment. Always use common sense, and if in doubt, please contact us to ask before doing anything you think may be risky. SD Canada will not be held liable for any use / misuse of these products as they are provided for novelty use only on an as-is basis.

Important Note from SD Canada on Sound / Heating Systems and any other Electronic Upgrades*:

*Please note while the great majority of customers purchasing the Sound System Upgrade or Heating System Options use it for the lifetime of their sex doll without issue, these systems are constantly being improved and are changing over time and are not guaranteed for any period of time. While these systems are verified by the manufacturer at the factory, we do not confirm or warranty the operation of the sound or heating systems at our facility when we perform QC for dolls purchased using the Standard Shipping option. Sex Doll Canada also doesn't provide any warranty on these upgrades utilizing moving parts or with low-voltage electronics, and they are only provided strictly on an as-is basis for novelty use. We do not recommend mixing any form of water with these systems, including humidity which may condense inside the electronics. If there is any post-sales issue with your sound / moaning system, please let us know and we will work directly with the manufacturer on your behalf to try and find a solution!

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Is there any customization options for the dolls? Like a different head I’ve seen a couple of sites that do offer it

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