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September 06, 2019

Each one of the models we have are realistic and unique to the touch. Some dare to envision themselves worthy to have some of these blue eyed vixens.
Skin perfectly sculpted to the touch, breasts super soft to grope, and well lets just say they really know what doll lovers of all kinds love when it comes to whats between their legs.

Such state of the art technology goes into it but what about the details?  Each one of the the makers has their own unique look to them as well and this is the "Blue Eyed List" for some of the hottest brand out there.  Be on the look out for these specifics to match that model that brand.

Here is; The List for Brands and Blue Eyes.

6YE Blue

The 6YE Premium Models are so close to real it throws a lot of people off.  They have a lone stance in the Doll Model World and they are the eye furthest to the left. 


6YE Premium Blue



AS/JY Blue

The AS Dolls and the JY Dolls are fan favorites in their own right and also share the spotlight in our blog with their blue second from the left. 


AS / JY Blue



Piper Doll / DollForever / Dollhouse 168

The Piper Dolls are simply romantic!  The beauty about them is more than just their incredible chest sizes but also in their brand of blue-green they have. 


Piper Doll Blue

The Piper Dolls are back again with their trademark light blue eye color. 


Piper Light Blue

WM Doll / YL Doll

The WM and YL Dolls do have an uncommon light blue as well and as shown below, it really stands out!


WM Dolls Light Blue

The WM Dolls come in again at with a darker blue version to what we saw above. 


WM Dolls Dark Blue



SM Doll

We save the best for last with the SM Dolls unique blue eyes they use on their models. 




The List for Brands and Blue EyesThese models of eyes show the huge difference in detail these sculptures go through to create our perfect models here at Sex Doll Canada. In case you are wondering, they are all pretty much intercompatible.


If you have further questions or comments send us an email or chat with us here for quick replies! 

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