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May 31, 2018

Did that get your attention? We hope it did! Because this is a lesson you don't want to learn the hard way.

What could possibly be the most important rule when choosing your first sex doll? No, it has nothing to do with Sex Doll Canada. But, it does have to do with YOU!

Purchasing a high-quality sex doll will certainly cost over $1,000, likely closer to $2,000 or more. Most online shops have a zero-tolerance return policy, meaning once you've bought her, you're married for life! While we at Sex Doll Canada are a little more forgiving, you definitely want to think twice, or three times, before making your first purchase.

Don't compromise! And don't be cheap! That's right - that's our advice in a nutshell! If the doll you want happens to cost a little more, isn't on special, and isn't in stock - buy her anyways! Don't settle. Go big, or go home!

If you compromise and buy a doll that has the wrong curves, the wrong size breasts, or doesn't have nipples quite the way you like them - don't buy it!

If you are considering us for your first purchase, you're one step ahead, because we really are here to help! Please ask us anything - even if it sounds stupid to you. Sex dolls is our business, and we have heard it all before, and likely have been there.

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