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May 15, 2018

If you've just bought your first masturbatortorso or full life-size, realistic sex doll, then firstly, CONGRATULATIONS! Or, if you're still considering a new purchase, read on.

Care & maintenance of your new purchase is a pretty big deal and, if ignored, could leave you with a date nobody wants to take out for dinner.

Here are some tips to keep in mind in caring for your new TPE, Silicone or Fanta Flesh companion:

  1. Start Easy. Before carrying your sex doll into the shower, start with an extra-soft wash cloth, one that feels almost silky, like that for a baby. Using some lukewarm water (never hot!) and anti-bacterial soap, give your babe a good cleaning. Remove any residue that may still be remaining from the manufacturing process, and your beauty will be better than new!
  2. Dry Her Off. You have to be careful here, as even a normal tower rubbed over her body will scratch her skin! Yes, that's right! Pat her dry if using a standard towel, and then let any remaining dampness air dry.
  3. Clean After Every Use. You must always clean your dolls cavities thoroughly after every use! Skipping this step and letting a few days pass by may make your next cleaning job a nightmare. After every use, make sure to use either the basic irrigator that came with your doll with warm water and soap to displace any remaining lubrication or fluids, and then being very careful, allow the cavities to dry. Not allowing cavities to dry could cause mold to grow, dampening the mood very quickly.

We recommend visiting The Doll Forum as your #1 destination for learning about these products, as there is a great deal of information shared by users from all around the world!

The Doll Forum - Care & Maintenance

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