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June 25, 2018

Firstly, for the record, we don't recommend buying standard bras for your sex doll. Many dolls have proportions that just make bra fitting difficult, and breast shape is always a factor.

Definitely don't buy a bra before receiving your doll, and even at that point, there are many stretchy-type materials that can serve the exact same purpose, such as a "sports bra".

Want to know our personal recommendation if staying away from conventional bras? Bikini tops! Especially the ones that tie at the back.

However, if you are staying up at night visualizing your doll in matching bra and panties, keep reading! If you're then wondering what the best way is to estimate breast cup size from:

1) under-breast; and
2) bust measurements,

Under-Bust and Bust Measurements


RELAX! You're not alone!

This simple guide should eliminate the complexity and put the issue to rest. Please remember, however, that this is only for "estimating". Depending on breast shape, which of course can differ dramatically, the estimate may be off by a cup size or so.

Under-Bust Circumference (inches) Bust Circumference (inches) Est. Breast Cup Size
32 34 34-AA
35 34-A
36 34-B
37 34-C
38 34-D
39 34-DD/E
40 34-DDD/F
41 34-DDDD/G
42 34-H, and so on
34 36 36-AA
37 36-A
38 36-B
39 36-C
40 36-D
41 36-DD/E
42 36-DDD/F
43 36-DDDD/G
44 36-H, and so on


Notice the pattern yet? If not, the below graphic is relatively easy to read and converts the same numbers.

Cup Size Estimating Table

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