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September 02, 2018 1 Comment

Share a Real Sex Doll Story!

Do you have a real sex doll story you'd like to share? Something that you think others may be interested to read? If so, don't worry about using the right words or perfect grammar. We can touch it up for you. And that's not what people care about anyways - they want to learn from your experience! Good or bad. Just keep it real.

Share Other Tips & Tricks!

Let us know what you have in mind in terms of informative content about the world of Real Sex Dolls, and likely it would make a great article! Send us your ideas and we can help you write it!

Photos of Your Realistic Sex Doll

Do you have some sexy photos of your sex doll you'd like to share? For the moment, we can't accept photos of our customers or real people with dolls. Please send us images of your dolls only and only content that depicts dolls portraying adults (never with children's clothing or childish poses please).

Get Rewarded for Contributing

We're happy to reward those who give us content with either a Amazon gift card, discount code on our site, free gift with a purchase or more! Let us know what you've got and we'll make sure you're compensating for making a real contribution!


Write to Us at: info@sexdollcanada.com


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Rrrrrr Tiger
Rrrrrr Tiger

September 07, 2018

How much do you pay?

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