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August 27, 2018

If you are considering buying a sex doll from Sex Doll Canada, but aren't sure about whether or not a sex doll is for you - please visit Aura Dolls, take one of their models out for a spin, and then buy your favourite model from our collection!

With the recent media coverage of Aura Dolls in Toronto, Ontario, Canada, many are wondering how a sex doll brothel actually works.


Firstly, in case you missed it:

August 25, 2018: Aura Dolls is being called "North America's first known "brothel" that offers sexual services with the world's most beautiful silicone ladies."

For some media coverage on this development, visit our Adult Sex Doll Video page for media coverage posted on YouTube:

Adult Sex Doll Videos


For us at Sex Doll Canada, this news doesn't come as a surprise, as we've recognized the growing ubiquity of sex dolls as technology has improved, costs have decreased and models have become incredibly lifelike.


Is this the first sex doll brothel ever?

No, it is not. Sex doll brothels have opened in Europe and in Asia over the past several years, met with both fanfare and some criticism (there will always be critics!). However, it is being regarded in the media as North America's first. However, some are refuting this claim.

Are the dolls robots?

No, they are not. The dolls, or SSWs (silicone sex workers, as we like to call them), are actually made of TPE and have no internal electronics. These models do not interact with the clientele, but boy do they look real and sex dolls do feel incredible!

Can I buy the dolls?

Absolutely! Aura Dolls does not advertise their models as being for sale, but all models (plus many others) are available for purchase at Sex Doll Canada.

Can I take the dolls home?

It is not recommended. That would be doll-napping. The dolls like to live in the brothel and get nervous if you take them outside (just kidding!). However, you might be nervous riding with one on the TTC, though.

Is this legal?

Are inflatable sex dolls legal? The answer is yes. So too are sex dolls made of more advanced, lifelike materials. So long as the dolls do not portray minors / children, there is nothing that has yet to be identified as illegal in providing access to a private room containing a sex doll.

Sex dolls that closely resemble children would be considered obscene, and those possessing them would be subject to the same penalties as those possessing child pornography. Child sex dolls are not permitted in Canada.

While you can't ID a sex doll to determine its apparent age, good judgment and prudence is recommended, and we always recommend steering clear of anything that could be considered to portray a child.


How do the staff clean the dolls?

While the exact cleansing method utilized by Aura Dolls is unknown, it is generally thought that a vaginal irigator with an anti-bacterial soap would be used. As there is no guarantee that 100% of all biological / foreign material could be removed, Aura Dolls strongly encourages the use of condoms. Remember, the dolls are sex workers.


Isn't it gross that some other man would have just had sex with that same doll?

Unless you are exclusively into having sex with virgins, this is not new subject matter. At least the sex doll won't judge how big your penis is! If you don't like sharing, just buy yourself your own doll.


How much does it cost?

Prices vary, and are quite reasonable currently posted at $80 CAD for 30 minutes, before any promotions are applied.


If in doubt, book an appointment today with Aura Doll, and see if sex dolls are for you!


NOTE: Sex Doll Canada is not affiliated with Aura Dolls; however, we are in support of their cause!

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