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Skin Colour / Tone Samples (FREE with Doll Purchase)

  • Are you ready to buy a realistic adult sex doll or masturbator / torso, but just aren't sure which skin tone / skin colour you want the most? Skin samples are 100% FREE if you buy a doll from us within 30-days of receiving your purchased skin samples (shipping included to any province in Canada). White, light tan, dark tan, "natural", cocoa, black skin colours from various manufacturers are available.

    The purchase price of the skin samples will be fully refunded from the price of your doll. Just make sure you let us know in the Checkout Notes when buying your doll, or send us an e-mail after purchasing your doll, and we will refund 100% of the cost you paid for the samples, so it costs you nothing!

    We know it is VERY hard to judge skin colour from mobile phone or desktop computer displays, even if your screen is professionally calibrated. Moreover, all the Professional Photos have been adjusted for colour, and the Factory Photos are typically taken with industrial (fluorescent / daylight combination) lighting. This drastically affects the way the skin colour will appear.

    Remember that the skin colour of your sex doll is molded-in during the manufacturing process, meaning it is not "painted" on the surface. What that means is once your doll had been manufactured, it simply isn't possible to change the colour! So please choose wisely. 

    If you're ready to buy with Sex Doll Canada, why not just order your TPE / silicone samples TODAY to be sure? While there are always slight variations in skin colour from batch-to-batch, and from doll-to-doll, physically seeing and touching skin samples is the surest way possible to make sure you'll be happy with your new toy!

    Please note that these items do not ship outside of Canada.

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