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Sex Doll Ordering & Delivery Information

We take great care to keep our customers informed and satisfied with their purchase. The following is information from our site regarding the ordering and delivery of your doll, and help for unforseen events.

Steps following placed orders: 

1. Review your Order

Please check your Order Confirmation e-mail and review for accuracy. Let us know if you have any extra questions as soon as possible.

At SD Canada, with our current Friendly Return Policy (subject to change), we allow customers 12-hours to make order changes or cancellations without any penalty or re-stocking fee. After that, we place your order and pay for the manufacturing to begin. Changes after that point may not be possible or will incur a financial penalty / re-stocking fee.

2. Manufacturing

It takes time to produce a custom-ordered TPE or silicone doll or torso. This will normally range from 1-3 weeks after you place your order. Until your doll is ready, you won't hear from us unless there is an issue with your order during this time.

3. Factory Photos of Custom Doll or Torso

Once your doll has been made, you will receive a 'Factory Photos' e-mail from us, containing photos of the doll you ordered. You need to review these photos to make sure the customizations selected were correctly captured. We rely on you for this before the doll is released for shipment to us, in Canada.

Guarantee Against Manufacturing Defects

Factory photos are expected to catch the great majority of defects, and all products are yet again examined by us upon receipt in Toronto. Notify us right away if your doll shows a significant defect that was not present or clear in any of the photographs you were sent. Factory photos examples:

Examples - Factory Photos of Dolls

If you made a change request, special request, or comment on the checkout page outside of the standard customizations offered, efforts will be made with your full happiness as our goal, but are not guaranteed.

The factory photos of your doll are taken by the factory workers with their cellphone camera. Please keep in mind that the product photos on our website are taken by professional photographers and supplied by the manufacturer to us. All of the clothes shown are props used during the photoshoot and are not included, or available for purchase. Dolls will not have the exact same appearance due to lighting and photoshoot preparation. However, most customers are very happy when they see the doll in person! With a little love and care, you can make the doll look just as sexy as the photographer did!

Dolls have semi-permanent makeup. Every effort is made by the factory makeup artists to re-create the photoshoot makeup, but may not match 100%. The term makeup applies not only to the face, but to all areas that receive make-up, including the nipples / areola, labia, and more.

4. Shipping

If you ordered a doll or torso from our In-Stock collection, you have just saved 2-5 weeks - congratulations! For standard shipping dolls, once the doll is released from the factory, it can take anywhere from 7-14 days to arrive in Canada / USA / EU / UK.

Standard Shipping
If you selected the "Standard" shipping option, your doll will ship to us in Toronto and then shipped to you. Pick-up is also available (date and time to be arranged with us once the doll arrives). Before shipping to you, we perform a quality control verification check ourselves, starting by inspecting the box for damage, checking the contents inside to verify the head(s), wig(s), body and options accuracy.

If we are shipping to you and there are dates when you will not be available to receive your doll, make sure you let us know in advance and we will do our best to accommodate your schedule, holding the doll up to 30-days at no charge. While we can ship to PO Box addresses and Canada Post FlexDelivery locations, there may be an additional delivery charge and delay. When shipping with Canpar, it is also possible that we ship to Canpar Smartspots for easy and convenient pick-up according to your schedule.

Once your package ships, you will then receive a tracking number and your order will be considered fulfilled once the doll is on its way to you, the final destination. If there are items ordered separately, they may be received separately. If you are picking up your order from us, you will be required to provide government issued photo ID when picking up your order, and the order will be Final Sale.

Expedite / Dropshipping
If you selected the "Expedite / Dropship" option, the doll will be shipped directly to you and you will receive a tracking number once the doll leaves the manufacturer.

We pay 100% of the customs clearance and duties in Canada. On the odd occasion, if the manufacturer did not fill out the shipping paperwork properly, you may be asked for payment of duties and taxes at delivery. If this happens, we apologize for the delay, and please do not pay or provide any paperwork to the courier company. If you receive any mailed bills regarding customs and duties, please let us know and we will take care of it. In either case, please call and / or text message us immediately, provide us with your tracking number, and we will correct the error very quickly.

Also, if you need to change the delivery address or make shipping arrangements, this must be done directly with the courier on these dropship orders. The same applies for damage during shipping. As we are neither the shipper nor the receiver on these orders, we can't interact with the courier company - it must be done on the customer's side.

5. Arrival

When the doll arrives, before you accept the package from the courier, inspect the parcel for damage and if you notice any damage, notify the driver so they record it in their notes. You will still have to accept the package. Even with slight box damage, dolls are usually fine because of the robust packaging. Once you open the package, if anything appears to be damaged internally, take lots of photos and notify us immediately by e-mail, and if you don't hear back with 48-hours, please call or text us. Do not use a damaged doll!

Compare the factory photos sent to you prior to shipping your doll with the doll you received. If these are significantly different let us know right away. 

You may notice a scent to TPE dolls. This is a normal part of the manufacturing process, and will lessen over time and with washing. If possible, give the doll room to breathe and allow it to air out. This is similar to the "new car smell" you may be familiar with, and is common to all plastic injection molding.

There may also be some residue from the manufacturing process. This too is normal. During shipping, in some cases finger nails may partially or fully come off, eyes may become misaligned or come out. This can easily be fixed at home and does not require a return. If there are any small defects that require TPE glue or TPE solvent, this can be provided quickly upon request.


Delivery Times

In-Stock Items

All in-stock items will ship between 0-2 business days after payment is received. Expedited options are available, including pick-up and a faster paid courier service Currently, our in-stock items are only sold within Canada.

All Other Items

Delivery time depends on the manufacturer; however, any item that does not have "In Stock" in the product name will be custom ordered. With some of our manufacturers, we can have product at your door in about two weeks! 


Expedite / Dropship Option

The standard process for custom doll orders (does not apply to In-Stock) in Canada is that all dolls ship to Sex Doll Canada in Toronto, and then to you. This gives us the opportunity to inspect all shipments carefully, and offer our Friendly Returns policy! We also offer the Expedite / Dropshipping option so customers can receive their custom doll as fast as possible by bypassing shipping to us first. These sales are all final and do not include any premium gifts.

Sex Doll Canada remains the Importer of Record (for Canadian customers), manages all communication pertaining to the import process and pays all shipping and customs!

For customers outside of Canada, while we can't help you with the import process, we can help you cover the costs!

Does the Friendly Return Policy still apply on orders made with the "Expedite / Dropship" option?

Unfortunately it does not. All orders are considered final and we can't permit even partial refunds or exchanges except in the case of a manufacturing defect or damage during shipping. Remember, Our Guarantee Against Manufacturing Defects from Our Quality Guarantee still applies unchanged! 


Free Shipping & Customs Clearance for Canadian orders

Orders over $189

Orders over $189 (before applicable taxes, and after discounts) receive 100% free shipping and customs clearance.

From our Toronto location, small packages under 30 kg will arrive via Canada Post, and heavier shipments via Purolator Ground (delivery within 4-5 business days after acceptance of order).

Orders under $189

Orders under $189 (before applicable taxes, and after discounts) will be billed Canada Post rates. You'll have different shipping options available for you at checkout, depending on your postal code. These orders all originate from Toronto.

Shipping to NT, NU and YT Territories

Parcels over 30 kg

Due to the additional shipping fees that we have to incur, shipments weighing over 30 kg destined to the territories will be subject to a $189 + tax surcharge and will ship via Purolator Ground.

Parcels under 30 kg

Shipments weighing under 30 kg destined to the territories will be subject to a $69 + tax surcharge and will ship via Canada Post.

Additional Expediting Options Available for In-Stock Items

If you would like expedited shipping for any "In Stock" item, please specify this in your order notes and we can provide you with a quote.

We also now have a Pick-Up location conveniently located in Toronto. Contact Us to arrange all Pick-Ups, or for visits to our Mini Showroom.

Local same day / next day delivery within the Toronto-area can also usually be accommodated. If you don't get a response quick enough, call us!  


International Free Shipping & Import Fees Reimbursement Details

Free Shipping to USA

Shipping of custom dolls to USA is available at no extra charge. We will reimburse customers up to $150 USD towards their payment of customs and duties upon import.

Free Shipping to EU

Shipping of custom dolls to certain EU countries is available at no extra charge (list of countries available on Checkout page). We will reimburse customers up to 125€ towards their payment of customs and duties upon import.

Free Shipping to UK

Shipping of custom dolls to the UK is available at no extra charge. We will reimburse customers up to £100 towards their payment of customs and duties upon import.