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July 17, 2018

What is Sex Doll ownership? (Credit - https://matrix.dollforum.com)

Doll ownership serves two principal purposes:

1) sex, and

2) companionship.

For many owners, they buy an adult doll to satisfy point 1, but soon discover an emotional bond forms and point 2 is equally valid. For some, even more so, as doll "marriage" is not unheard of -- an informal ritual that celebrates this nearly indescribable affection doll owners experience.

Some non-doll-owners have criticized adult dolls as objectifying humans (initially, women in particular, however dolls come in male, female, and transgender variations), however this is a perspective of outsiders. Doll owners know that their dolls are objects, but they treat them with the same care and respect as another living being. Dolls can be heavy, fragile, and easily injured, and all of this demands a level of care similar to a real person.

Consequently, dolls tend to be treated as substitutes for real people, bringing joy to their owners' lives, including photography, role playing in costumes, and in some cases, being shown in public.

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