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February 26, 2019

With the plethora of sex dolls available here at Sex Doll Canada, it's important to know that materials canĀ be very different. Even if parts seem interchangeable, different manufacturers do not always play well with each other.

First, let's talk about doll skin tone. Doll flesh blends come in many different colors, and one manufacturer's skin may not match theĀ competition. Mismatching tones not only looks silly, but also defeats realism. Make sureĀ toĀ research if you want to combine a head from one manufacturer with the body of another. We recommend looking at other heads or bodies from the original manufacturer of your doll if you want a refresh without the risk. Or, try our skin tone sampler pack!

WM (top) and 6YE (bottom):

SM (top) and WM (bottom):

WM (top) and AS (bottom):

top wm tpe vs as bottom


Risk is not limited to color, as not all flesh blends have the same ingredients. Take TPE for example, as the term refers to a class of material and not actually a single chemical recipe.Ā Manufacturers excel by making their TPE with better characteristics than their competition, and keep their chemical formulas secret.Ā A silicone doll head may be more detailed than TPE, but itĀ can beĀ very risky to contactĀ silicone with TPE.Ā Without testing, it is impossible to know the reactions fromĀ different materials touching each other.

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