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August 01, 2018 2 Comments

Whether you are a newbie to real, adult sex dolls or already a TPE or Silicone doll owner, this is a question that has likely crossed your mind. If it hasn't, then it should have!

Which is better - Silicone or TPE? Which is right for me?

Smoothness, Texture & Feel

One of the main advantages of TPE is their softness and texture. In this regard, they are considered incredibly lifelike and make them ideal as a love doll. This may give them an advantage over silicone, but many would debate this point. Silicone dolls also have a more noticeable seam along the sides from the mold which can never be completely removed in manufacturing, whereas TPE can have the seam worked down until it is practically invisible using heat and / or chemical smoothing.

Typically, silicone requires less maintenance than TPE. Other than monthly washing silicone-constructed dolls don't need much maintenance. Silicone is a neutral material and generally has natural anti-bacterial properties, whereas TPE is more active and can suffer bacterial or fungal growth if not properly cleaned and dried.

Make-Up Aesthetics & Longevity

Silicone can be sealed. One user tells us that his silicone doll had her makeup sealed on her face and it still looked good after 2.5 years. That user's TPE dolls, however, lost their eyebrows and make-up after only a few weeks. Of course, the latter strongly depends on the quality of the TPE doll. One explanation for this might be that TPE constantly exudes oils and is naturally more porous, so it can't be sealed.

Thus, with TPE, the owner may need to refresh the makeup every so often, depending on factors such as storage, frequency of washing, frequency of use, etc. This also applies to the nipples as the color there may also fade to the default body color after some time. Many silicone dolls have nipples that were created using a different silicone colour and then separately glued on. 

Silicone & TPE Compatibility

Also important to keep in mind is the fact that TPE and silicone DO NOT like each other. While they won't burst into flame on contact, the oils TPE exudes can damage and deform silicone. This has to be considered if you are planning on using toys on your adult sex doll.


The oils in TPE dolls can leech colors out of clothing and stain the skin. While silicone can also stain, it takes a lot longer. One user comments that his silicone doll sat in a black dress for a few hours with no effect, but when he tried the same dress on a TPE doll, she was stained within an hour.

Smell / Odour

Another differentiating point is that is silicone doesn't have the same residual smell as TPE. Some silicone dolls may give off a sweet bubble-gum type smell that some find actually very pleasant. Other silicone dolls, however, have no noticeable smell. Most TPE dolls, however, depending on the quality of the TPE and how new / old the doll is, and how well it has been washed may give off a noticeable rubber smell at first – although this will fade over the first week or so.

Silicone vs TPE Real Adult Sex Doll
Courtesy: DelosDroid TDF and www.whichsexdoll.com

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October 14, 2018

Hey Edger!

Yes it certainly can be but especially in the case of TPE, make sure to wash properly after lubing!


October 14, 2018

I am curious to know (and yes this post can remain public for other readers) whether coconut oil as lubrication can be used on the breasts or other places on both the TPE or the Silicone dolls

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