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January 14, 2019

6YE Premium / Amor Doll now has new and improved formula TPE !

  1. 6YE has done some chemistry magic, as their new TPE flesh material is dry and not oily anymore! There's no need to powder the lifelike silky smooth skin.
  2. The TPE smell has been greatly reduced, it has almost no odour.

TPE dolls are usually oily to the touch due to the material sweating / leaking oil. Doll owners powder their dolls to give them a soft and velvety slick feel, but this has its drawbacks. Powdering a TPE doll makes the skin silky smooth by acting as an absorbent barrier between the oily flesh and your hand. Oils are blocked from reaching you, but also absorbed out of the doll. As the oil leaves the TPE, it becomes less soft and brittle, leading to tearing. If you powder your doll a lot, consider rubbing unscented petroleum jelly / vaseline / baby oil on her skin. This can be a fun sensual spa experience that reintroduces lost oils and also prevents mold growth via water repulsion!

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