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January 07, 2019

Happy Chinese New Year!

Best TPE Real Sex Dolls from WM Doll

As a proud reseller of high-quality custom-order sex doll products made in China, where we always source direct from the manufacturer, we want to take a moment to thank all of our suppliers who have allowed us to grow tremendously in 2018!

With Chinese New Year rolling around, while our suppliers will be taking time to enjoy the celebrations and spend time with their families, our business will continue to operate.

However, because of the festivities, most of our suppliers will have manufacturing completely shut down for up to two (2) weeks, and many employees have started taking time off in advance of the break.

WM Doll: Shutdown from January 28 - February 12
6YE / Amor Doll: Shutdown from January 26 - February 13
Piper Doll / DollForever / DH168: January 22 - February 16
SM Doll: January 23 - February 14

This means that any orders placed in January may be subject to a delay if the order is not completed, cleared through customs in China, and released to FedEx for air shipment before Friday January 25.

Thus, we will be having some promotions over the coming weeks to encourage our customers to buy as soon as possible. We will also have product In-Stock for those who simply can't wait.

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