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May 06, 2020

As sex dolls have become more of a mainstream purchase for many Canadian, Americans, Asians and those in Europe, more and more vendors and sales agents have popped up out of nowhere with unbelievable prices, unbelievable deals, products "In Stock" with "Super Fast Shipping", the rate of scam shops is dramatically on the rise.

Why Do Scammers Target Sex Dolls?

Big Brands = Big Legal Teams

Running Shoes (as an example) are an established consumer product where there are Big Players and Big Brands. So, in the case of scams, Nike or Reebok can get their legal teams involved quickly to shutdown imposters and fakes.

However, even the largest authentic resellers of sex dolls, including Sex Doll Canada (the largest seller of sex dolls in Canada), is still a small business by all definitions. If we spent our days chasing the scam sites, those who used our original photos or those who copied our real reviews, we simply wouldn't have time to serve our customers. And Scammers know that!

Sex Dolls are High-Ticket Items

Many websites are built fast, look great (some better than ours!), but are ENTIRELY FAKE except for the credit card and Paypal processing system. If you click on the reviews, you will typically see they only appear on their website - not on well known third-party review sites like TrustPilot. These Scammers purchase lots of domains (website addresses), throw up some beautiful graphics, and don't deliver a single thing. Some may deliver low-cost copies, or fake dolls, which cost a fraction of the cost. Some are so bold as to ship blow-up dolls instead of TPE / silicone sex dolls!

For these scammers, even a few orders from an inexperienced customer means free money, and that keeps them going. Even one fake sex doll purchase to an unsuspecting customer paid for the website,and every one after that until they get shutdown is gravy!

Don't They Get Reported?!?

Most customers who buy sex dolls are too embarrassed to call their credit card company to report "Product Not as Shown" and send photos of a clear case of a fake sex doll. The same goes with Paypal. So every bashful customer actually perpetuates the problem by allowing these customers to persist.

Do the Police Get Involved?

Rarely. Tracking down the perpetrating Scammers for a relatively small amount of money, where the suspects are across borders, is a very expensive and time consuming effort and most law enforcement do not spend time pursuing internet fraud unless it is on a very large scale.

Are All Scammers Completely Fake?

In one word, "No". They are not.

Many sex doll resellers cut corners, over sell and way under-deliver on what they promise (most common - leaving the customer with a bill to pay when it comes time to Import the doll into Canada), or (a very popular method) post reviews only using review platforms where they can "Cherry Pick" the good onesand show only those to customers.

The only platform where the sex doll company can't "Cherry Pick" their reviews, are:

  • Google Review
  • TrustPilot

If you visit our TrustPilot reviews, you will see that they are not all 5-star reviews. We aren't perfect.

But, we are the best and the leader in terms of customer service. Our TrustPilot rating demonstrates that.


Take a look at some examples of the kind of sex doll reviews you may find out there. Can you tell which ones are REAL and which ones are FAKE* (Cherry-Picked only the good ones)?

Real Reviews vs. Fake Reviews

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