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July 09, 2018

Great question! If you're new to TPE / Silicone / TPR / FantaFlesh sex dolls and wondering "Where the heck will I keep this babe?", you are certainly not alone! With the older inflatable sex dolls, storage wasn't an issue. But with these real Man Toys, you have to plan ahead.

Have you checked out the Storage Solutions we offer right here, at Sex Doll Canada?

Here are the most common storage solutions:

(1) Closet Storage

A doll can be ordered with a "suspension kit", which is essential a threaded steel hook that can be used to hang your doll onto a closet rod. It is available on our shop.

Now before you celebrate, have you made sure your closet rod can handle the weight? Keep in mind that most full-size dolls, without the head (the head must be removed to suspend the body), still weigh in excess of 60-70 lbs.

Suspension Hook in Doll

If you are a DIY kind of person, we recommend replacing your hollow closet rod with a steel rod. The steel rod can be easily purchased, and cut-to-measure at Home Depot, Rona, or similar DIY stores.

As for mounting them in your closet, we recommend having each end inserted into a 2" x 4" with a hole cut with a spade-bit, or hole saw. If you have the tools and the know-how, this retrofit will be solid and can be completed in less than 2-hours.

If you want a simpler solution that could get you by, check out this article on Closet Rod Reinforcement.

(2) Closet Storage with Locking Handle

Alternatively, if you don't want to go through the trouble of hanging your doll, you could consider stashing your doll in a closet (standing upright - with standing feet), and throwing a lock on the door!

 Privacy Lock on Door Handle Simple Solution - Old Fashioned Lock

(3) Locked Travel / ATA Case

If you can't store your doll in a closet, we also offer ATA cases, or Travel Cases, which will keep your doll out of sight. These cases have wheels, handles and most importantly - a lock!

Storage Case

(4) Locked Furniture Ottoman / Foot Rest

There's also the option of hiding your doll IN PLAIN SIGHT! Some decorative ottomans can go right in your living room, and because it's locked, nobody will ever know what's in it!

Storage Ottoman with Lock

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