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March 17, 2020

Last Updated: 3/17/2020 @ 2:00 p.m.

As the situation here in Canada is changing rapidly, and all of the municipal, provincial and federal governments are officially now announcing recommendations regarding social distancing, we wanted to take a moment and let you know what changes we're putting in place to help keep our Customers, and our Staff, safe:


Showroom Appointments in Toronto

  • For the time being, until further notice, our beautiful showroom displaying almost a dozen high-quality TPE & silicone sex dolls, and our sex robot, will be closed to the public. We are not accepting any new appointments. Of course, this is for our customer's safety as well as ours. Should you want some up-close photos of our models, or even a live video feed, we would be happy to schedule something with you. We understand nothing replaces the sensation or touch you get when making contact with the doll, but it is for this reason that we have to defer these visits until it is more safe to do so.
  • If you would like to experience the touch and feel of TPE, please consider purchasing a TPE sample:

Random TPE Sample (for purchase):


Specific TPE Sample (for purchase):



QC Inspections & Staff Procedures at the SD Canada Office in Toronto

  • All staff in the premises will be required to use nitrile gloves and medical masks, not just when handling dolls, but upon entering the premises.
  • Gloves will be disposed of and not re-used.
  • QC checks on incoming orders will continue, unless you otherwise request us NOT to inspect your order, in which case any add-on items will be packed separately.
  • Only two (2) owners and / or staff are permitted in our office / showroom / warehouse at any one time. All other staff will be taking shifts and / or working remotely.
  • If staff are feeling ill, they are required not to come into work. If our staff are told by a health official to self-quarantine, they are required not to come into work.


Customer Pick-Ups

  • We have decided to continue allowing customers to Pick-Up orders from the SD Canada office, as these types of operations are still being allowed under municipal, provincial and federal recommendations. This is similar to restaurants that are allowed to continue offering "Take Out", but to cease inviting customers to dine in to prevent close prolonged contact between staff and customers. If this recommendation changes, we will be updating this article appropriately.
  • Customers will no longer be required to sign to receive their order. Instead, you will be asked by SD Canada staff if we can sign on your behalf that it has been received. As our facility is monitored by video, the signature on your behalf with your consent will be considered proof of receipt.
  • If you wish to forego the QC inspection by SD Canada, please let us know, and once we identified your order (without opening it), it will be made available for pick-up as it is. Please note that unless otherwise specified, we continue to inspect all incoming orders for quality handling using nitrile gloves (as we always have) and now applying medical face masks.
  • Customers will no longer be allowed to enter SD Canada, open and inspect their box, prior to receiving it. You are invited to either take your order and load your vehicle, or we can load for you, but in order to observe social distancing this is the only way to minimize contact as even "quick inspections" put both our customer, and our staff, at risk.


In-Stock Doll Orders - No Delays!

  • No delay(s) are affecting any of our IN-STOCK orders. If you want something to help you wait out the quarantine, please consider purchasing a doll already made, inspected for quality, stocked in Toronto and READY TO SHIP!
  • US customers are encouraged to contact us prior to purchasing IN-STOCK, but because of the situation, we have started shipping product from Toronto to the USA on a regular basis.


Delayed Custom Orders

  • As most of our customers know, SD Canada has a unique Friendly Return Policy that truly sets us apart from ever other manufacturer and reseller of Sex Dolls. This flexibility allows our customers the peace of mind that if something changes with their personal situation, or if they have a change of heart, that they have options available to them and are not simply told "FINAL SALE" once their payment has cleared. Read our Friendly Return Policy.
  • While all factories in China are essentially back to business as usual, because of the extended shutdown and the close timing with Chinese New Year, many orders are experiencing delays.
  • If your order is delayed, we are asking that you remain patient as the coronavirus / COVID-19 pandemic is a global crisis, certainly now affecting Europe, Canada and the USA, and we would ask for your patience as your order is being completed.
  • We would like to take this time to remind customers that our Friendly Return Policy is always pending management approval and reviewed on a case by case basis. Especially in times like these, while we continue to remain fair to our customers, we ask only for the same in return - that you remain patient with us.


For any questions and concerns, please don't hesitate to call or Live Chat with one of our agents. Other than taking the above noted safe precautions, we are happy to continue to serve our customers.

What better way to wait out a quarantine than with a brand new sex doll?

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