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October 20, 2018

Aura Dolls Sex Doll brothel. It's a relatively new concept. That is, to share an intimate moment with a silicone sex worker that follows your every command. The following may not be a typical review, but was sent to us after we asked our coupon customer about his first love doll brothel experience. We are happy he has shared it with us at Sex Doll Canada:

"It is 6:30 p.m.The sun is setting. A chilly breeze tells me to stay inside. No. My demon rages. I want something wild, something new. Luckily I have a golden ticket.... a fuck pass to beauty born from dreams, to art designed to please. I've been eyeing her on my screen for days now, a luxury huge tit realistic asian sex doll. Out I go. Bring on the night.

   My bright phone screen blinds me as I approach the location. I'm close, and best not miss it. A mansion fades into view. Could this be it? I tip toe to the door and hear the door unlock. Inside I go, to see high ceilings and a spiralling staircase just beyond the payment tray. I leave my fee, shoes, and make my way down the stairs to a numbered room. 

   On a large bed across the room, a goddess waits in the nude. Only soft warm lights and a television's glow fill the space. I approach undressing myself, leaving a trail of clothes as the room's warm air embraces me.

   Pure eye candy. Finely sculpted curves outlined by the warm light, breasts billowing out, begging for a squeeze....my inner M says no touching yet. A faintly sweet scent emanates. I walk around her, analyzing her peaks and valleys, planning every possibility. I play some porn on the television to drown out the silence with sounds of feral pleasure. Taking the condoms and fuck water from the ledge, I water her flowers and sit beside her.

   A smooth and sexy, divinely feminine sculpted face greets me. She has big alluring brown eyes, long lashes, soft cheeks, a fine nose, and bow-shaped lips. Her long neck leads to beautiful collarbones begging for a kiss. Her tits are full and round, larger than my head, with cute standing nipples casting shadows from the tv's glow. Underneath her breasts hides a fine hourglass figure, with every detailed realistic curve. Her tummy is sculpted of soft sexy lines leading down to her flower. I lay my head on soft thighs, looking down her long legs. I slide my hand down her inner thigh, around her knee, and further down to squeeze her leg flesh. I move to her feet, grab each sexy little ankle, and bend her legs with knees in towards her chest. Moving her arms to my shoulders, I feel her fingers gently dig at my flesh. I don the rubber and lean in to kiss her neck. My cock prods at her sweet detailed pussy lips.

   I slowly slide inside her, feeling every detail of her womb. She's soft and stable when I thrust, with an ultra soft ass to bounce off of. I grab her massive breasts and squeeze before burying my my face into her supple tits. Slow pounds for round 1, until I shoot deep inside her warmth.

   I flip her over on all fours and soak in the beautiful view of a sexy back and fine ass. I turn her head a little to view her pretty face. I bend her legs so her ankles touch me as I sit on her thighs. I massage her luscious buns, and slide a finger in her ass. Grabbing her waist tight with both hands, I slip inside her smoothest canal. I plow her hard, basking in the glorious view. Stop!... more to explore.

   I make kneel and hold her tits on her crossed arms. Behind her I press and slide my chest against her little back. My cock slides between her cheeks and in her thigh gap as I slide my fingers in her mouth. I cup her breasts, her erect nipples dig into my palms. I lay her down on her side with right leg extended, and left bent square in front of her. I see pussy lips and an asshole peeking out. Sliding in and out of both, I hold her shoulders and push them down. ... Stop!

   I sit her up against the headboard. On top of her thighs I kneel in front of her and alternate focus between face and breasts. I grab both tits in hand and slide them up and down my cock. My cock disappears in the sea of tits clashing at my tummy. I move up for her lips to kiss my cock. I pinch her cheeks as I slide myself in her mouth. I pump faster and faster until my fingers dig into her hair and I empty a load deep down her throat.

   Back to reality. I wipe her down and get dressed. I message the friendly keeper to leave. Until next time, boddess."

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