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Shipping Method - Switch from Expedited / Dropship to Standard

If you have already placed a custom sex doll order (shipping anywhere in Canada) for which you have not received Factory Photos yet and have reconsidered the shipping method, we can still change your order from Expedited / Dropship (save $75) to Standard Shipping. There will be an extra fee for this change.

Why Switch?

Normally the Expedited / Dropship method saves a few days to up to a week or more delivery time, as the shipment goes direct from the manufacturer in China to you. However, it is sometimes preferred and safer to have this shipment get delivered to us in Toronto first and then shipped domestically to you without crossing any borders.

This is the best way to guarantee and hassle-free delivery, as your name and address does not appear anywhere on the shipping documents, and we can usually precisely schedule your delivery to within +/- 1 day as we have climate-controlled warehousing in Toronto and don't charge to hold your order for up to thirty (30) days.

Moreover, if there are any modifications you would like us to make for you that can't be done at the factory, such as a customized makeover, tattoos, custom pubic hair or piercings, the shipment must come through our office to get these upgrades performed. They can't be performed if the doll is dropshipped direct to you.

Here are the requirements to make this switch:

  • you have recently ordered a custom sex doll from us and have not yet received your Factory Photos; and
  • the product is shipping inside Canada.

Please note that while we and our suppliers will make our best efforts to switch the shipping method from Expedited / Dropship to Standard Shipping, it may not always be possible as we rely on the supplier and their freight forwarder to make the necessary changes to the paperwork. If the switch is not available or not ultimately implemented, this will be fully refunded. Paypal refunds are subject to a 10% fee

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