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Shipping Method - In-Stock Doll (in Toronto) Shipping to USA

If you are located in the USA (lower 48 states - no shipping to AK or HI) and have found a doll you'd like to purchase that is currently IN-STOCK in Toronto, Canada, and would like this shipped to you to skip the wait associated with having your doll made in China and shipped from overseas, this option is available to you.

No liquids, gels or creams can be added to your order, unfortunately.

Please note that because of the additional work required to ship to the USA from Canada (preparation of a commercial invoice and additional labeling requirements), and the additional freight cost, this extra free applies. This fee will also apply to flight cases and ottoman orders shipping from Canada. Shipping times differ depending on location in the lower 48 US states, but from Toronto transit is typically 2-5 business days, plus an extra day or so for customs clearance.



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