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Premium Replenishing Powder

  • Sex Doll Canada's Premium Replenishing Powder brings back the silky smooth softness of your TPE or Silicone sex doll, or sex toy, and is made of 100% Natural ingredients (no chemicals). We recommend applying after every wash and inside all toy orifices to absorb any remaining moisture.

    Enjoy this high-quality, 100% Natural renewal powder Made-in-Canada in an easy atomizing applicator - with internal silica gel desiccant pack to preserve shelf life.

    Each push generates a fine mist of either scented or unscented powder. This provides a convenient, low mess sex doll cleaning experience. 

    Available In-Stock in a Natural / Unscented formula, or with different infused natural fragrances, made with 100% Organic Essential Oils:

    💖 Natural / Unscented
    🥥 Coconut
    🍈 Grapefruit
    🍊 Orange 
    🌿 Peppermint
    🍦 Vanilla 


  • Bottle Diameter: 2.5"
    Bottle Height: 6"
    Package Net Weight: 85 grams
    Country of Origin: Canada
  • (1) Atomizing Powder Applicator with 85 grams of 100% Natural Replenishing Powder
    (1) Internal silica gel desiccant pack to preserve shelf life

    Contains: Organic tapioca and arrowroot starches (softest and silkiest starches available), rice flour (to naturally reduce clumping), natural deodorizing ingredient dispersed into the powder and an internal sealed silica gel pack inside the bottle for longer shelf life.
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