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IN-STOCK - Silicone Repair Adhesive

This is for Silicone repair only and is not to be used for TPE or Fanta Flesh and does not ship outside of Canada.

This silicone epoxy is a single component adhesive made for repairing silicone tears. While this product is Skin Safe, it may cause some slight irritation. Gloves should be used when applying. This adhesive will work with virtually all silicones used for sex toys and sex dolls, and provides a strong, flexible bond. Cured silicone repairs resist water.

We recommend the 0.5 oz for small tears, and the 3.0 oz for larger repairs. Open packages may cure quickly if exposed to air, so must be resealed immediately. Working time is 4-8 mins. and cure time is approximately 15 mins.

Product is normally in-stock, but may take up to four (4) weeks for delivery if we are backordered. Please inquire as to our current availability before ordering if you need this delivered fast.

E-Mail to Check Availability: inquiries@sexdollcanada.com

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