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IN-STOCK - High Performance Doll Surface Cleaner

  • It sometimes happens. You got some dirt or a stain on your pretty little TPE doll, and you can't get it all off with soap and water. What do you do? high strength liquid cleaner work great for us, and may be able to help!

    We always recommend attempting to first use this product on an inconspicuous area to test, but these convenient orange-scented spray will allow you to remove the dirt and light surface stained / pigmented area after just a few seconds of application time, followed by a few wipes. Multiple cleaning applications are sometimes necessary for persistent stains. Do not overuse or allow the product to soak into the TPE for an extended period of time. May not remove all stains. Highly effective and convenient.

  • Comes in a spray bottle for easy use. & and micro fiber cloth for wiping.

    Make sure to allow your sex doll to completely dry after washing to further prevent bacterial or mold growth.

  • Package Diameter: 2"
    Package Height: 5"
    Package Weight: 0.2 Kg.
    Country of Origin: CANADA
    Volume: 50-60 mL
  • Product contains Petroleum distillates,D-Limonone & Orange extract

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