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152 (5'0") G-Cup Debby Wet School Girl - Sino-DOLL

After a long day at her all-girls school, Debby sneaks over to your house! You arrive home and see her shoes neatly in the hallway - what a well mannered asian girl. Opening your room door, you catch her laying down playing with herself ... she looks up with her blushing red face, her deep glistening eyes looking away. As you lean in close to her face, her eyes slowly meet yours ... the smell of her salty and subtly sweet sweat reaches your nose. You slowly strip her, taking it all off her until she's just poised in the nude ... she lifts her hand and wiggles her finger at you to take the plunge ... Platinum silicone sex doll by Sino-Doll. For those who crave realism, Sinodolls have finely sculpted heads, textured skin, and advanced upgrade options!

Physical Description

Height Weight Breast Cup
4'12" 62 lbs G
Bust Waist Hip
30" 20" 30"
Shoe Size Anal Depth Vaginal Depth
13 Y 7" 5"
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152 (5'0") G-Cup Debby Wet School Girl - Sino-DOLL has a rating of 5.0 stars based on 1 reviews.