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If you are a registered business already operating in the adult entertainment or adult novelty markets, and want to act as a new sales channel for Sex Doll Canada, let's talk! We offer many of the top brands, all from reliable sources in China, Japan and the US.

You can begin offering sex dolls to your customers today, private label / with your branding, without having to worry about:

  • carrying inventory
  • customizing sex doll options
  • assuming product quality risk
  • sourcing multiple additional vendors
  • answering technical product questions
  • clearing / brokering sex dolls through customs

If that sounds interesting, then please engage us! Let's have a discussion to see how we can help your adult-related business:

  • add profitable top-line sales
  • achieve lucrative gross margins
  • expand your product offering with a product that gets people's attention!

Contact us today, and we'd be happy to tell you about some of the success our existing sales channels have experienced purchasing wholesale from Sex Doll Canada.