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Black / Chocolate / Light Brown / Tanned / Dark Brown Skin Dolls

 Beautiful Black Doll African Dark Skin Sex Doll

If you are looking for a sex doll with a particular skin colour, we've got great news! All of our dolls are available in a VARIETY of skin colours! Asian dolls, Caucasian / White dolls, Tanned / Light Brown / Dark Brown / Latina dolls and Black dolls are all available on Sex Doll Canada!

If you are having trouble finding a doll with the right appearance, please contact us today!


Here's how to select the skin colour of your choice:

(1) Find a doll collection that you're interested in, either by doll characteristics (like size, shape, or gender), or go to a doll manufacturer of your preference.

(2) Look for the "Skin Colour" tab, and see a graphic showing the skin colour options for that manufacturer. For example, here are the options available for SM Dolls, 6YE Premium Dolls and WM Dolls, respectively:

SM Doll Skin Colour Options

6YE Skin Colour Options

WM Dolls Skin Colour

(3) Next, using the Dropdown Menus, select the skin colour of your choice.

Dropdown List for Skin Colour

That's it!


NOTE: Some of our dolls, such as those IN-STOCK or PIPEDREAM PRODUCTS are pre-configured, and can't be customized for skin colour.