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Product Option Tutorial: Hollow Breasts

What are Hollow Breasts?

When TPE or silicone sex dolls are made, their constituent "fleshy" material is liquid and is poured into a mold and allowed to cure or harden. As a result, if no additional action is taken, the breasts will be solid and very firm. While this is often quite desirable and appreciated in smaller A- and B-Cup sized breasts, the hardness you would expect in a thigh is not the hardness you would expect in a breast when it comes to larger breasts.

As a result, it is possible to leave a partial void or cavity internal to each breast that makes them "hollow". This gives larger breasts, especially those in the larger cup sizes (D and greater) a more natural feel reminiscent of natural female breasts. The hollow option in larger breasts also makes them easier to manipulate or move during sex.

The feeling of solid breasts in larger cup sizes is sometimes likened to the feeling of silicone breast implants, which can sometimes feel unnatural. We recommend selecting the "hollow breast" option if it is available for anything larger than a D-Cup, and possibly for C-D-Cup breasts as well.

Note that hollow breasts may not be available from all manufacturers and for all models. Usually, for smaller breasts, the hollow breast option is not available from most manufacturers.

Real Sex Dolls Hollow Breasts vs Solid Breasts