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Product Option Tutorial: Fixed Vagina vs. Removable Sleeve

What is a Fixed Vagina?

A fixed vagina is the most conventional, and most commonly selected type of vagina in a sex doll. Although, the split is close to 50/50.

The fixed vagina is likely just what you think it is - an orifice or hole in between the legs of the doll that is used for sexual penetration. Of course, it is surrounded by lifelike appearing labia which can be coloured pink, or darker, for added realism.

Inside the vagina are internal ribs that provide a textured and exquisite feeling designed to simulate a woman's vagina.

What is a Removable Vagina?

A removable vagina is a product feature available from most sex doll manufacturers, where the labia are untouched, as is the size of the orifice (more or less); however inside the doll is an empty cavity.

This cavity is designed to hold a removable sleeve, which is much like the handheld masturbators for men that have been available on the market for some time. They are internally ribbed in a similar fashion, and they are available in different sizes (diameters and lengths) from some manufacturers.

Real Sex Doll Removable Sleeve vs. Fixed Vagina