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Frequently Asked Questions

Have a question not answered here? Contact us and let us know, as we'd love to add to this section to help all our Customers!

While we do our best to make sure all questions and answers remain up-to-date and free of errors, if the answer to the question is very important to you, please don't hesitate to contact us and double-check!

About Buying from Sex Doll Canada (SDC)

All of our dolls are 100% genuine. We are a Canadian corporation and have been in business for several years; if you have questions, you can just call us! We offer free shipping & customs clearancewithin Canada, and operate using the world's leading e-commerce platform to process all credit card payments 100% securely.

And, if you haven't noticed, we are the only company to offer loyalty incentives that are as good as cash and have a Friendly Return Policy. Our prices are fair, and our customer service is unmatched!

We currently have no retail outlets, but maintain warehousing and operations in Toronto.

We have the ability to objectively test and verify that items sold and returned were not compromised. We also thoroughly inspect for damage. These are both covered by our restocking fee. If an item is returned and we determine that it has been used (we will provide proof), the return will be rejected.

We have secured aggressive pricing from our suppliers, which we in turn pass along to our customers. We don't take any shortcuts, and don't skip any steps. You will receive the same high quality product that you would if it were purchased at another reputable dealer.

If we can, yes, absolutely! However, we would need to verify that: (1) our competitor can actually supply that same doll and is not advertising a low price simply to cause harm to their competitors; (2) that the competitor's doll is genuine (we will contact our supplier to determine this); (3) all the same features and extras are included, as well as door-to-door shipping and custom's clearance.

First-Time Buyers

Yes, it is recommended. When cleaning the skin of your doll or masturbator, the first thing you need is a very, very soft cloth. Something you would use on a newborn baby. Then, with luke-warm water and some anti-bacterial soap, give her a "sponge bath". This will remove any residue or small, unattached TPE particles remaining from the manufacturing process, and any dust that may be left on her skin. This will also give her skin a clean, non-greasy feeling. Many hobbyists will also then use a Renewal Powder, which is essentially corn starch, or baby powder, or a combination of both, to remove the "tacky" feeling. If you plan on dressing your doll, this step will certainly make it easier. You can also bathe your doll in the shower; however, please be careful not to get water into the neck joint, which could enter the skeletal frame of the doll.

Standing feet are created using screws that protrude out from the bottom of the dolls feet that make standing it up easier. Please keep in mind that dolls aren't meant to be left standing for any significant length of time unattended if not leaning against something, and that depending on the stiffness of the skeleton and the position you put your doll in and the shape of the body, it may still not be able to stand even with standing feet.

Not as easy as it looks in the photos! Dolls are not meant to be standing for any significant length of time on their own, and depending on your physical condition and the weight of your doll, some positions may not be possible. We recommend starting with less ambitious positions, such as with the doll laying down. Don't expect to go through the Kama Sutra on Day #1.

We strongly recommend it, even though it is a small additional cost. Standing feet are created in the factory by having a foot plate on the skeleton with machined and threaded holes, and then perforating the dolls skin, finding the threaded holes inside the doll's feet, and screwing in set screws. These will make standing the doll much more easy, even if for short lengths of time. These screws can be removed by the user at any time and replaced just by, well, turning a screw!

This takes practice! If you are really stuck, check out Doll Forum. Depending on what you are putting on your doll, this can range from easy to very challenging. We recommend putting the doll in a laying down or sitting up position (not standing), or hanging if possible, and having applied the Renewal Powder prior to slipping anything on to avoid damaging your doll. Be particularly mindful not to damage the fingers and feet! Dark pigmented items must all be washed, sometimes several times, to avoid staining the TPE.

Some oral cavities are smaller than others, and some heads are easier than others. If you want to make sure that the head you choose will be perfectly compatible with oral sex, please call or write to us letting us know which head you are looking at. By special order, "enhanced mouths" are also available from some manufacturers!

Yes, some of them can be. If it is your first doll, or if you are physically compromised and have trouble lifting a heavy suitcase, we recommend contacting us before buying a doll. Moreover, even if a 80-lb doll doesn't sound that heavy to you, please consider that it is a "dead weight" and it will feel significantly heavier and will be harder to pick-up, articulate and move around.

Yes - many! In fact, we have a blog on this exact subject. Our best advice would be: (1) buy the doll you REALLY want, and don't settle, or you will regret it; (2) do your research and ask lots of questions; and (3) buy from a company who you believe will help you deal with any issues that may come up, who also offer competitive pricing. That's us!

Firstly, we advise you wait for your doll to arrive so that you may have an opportunity to size her up and make a better decision on clothes sizing. All the dimensions offered on our website are for reference purposes only and we don't guarantee them to be free of errors. Some advice when choosing clothes for your doll is (1) stick to stretchy type materials and avoid anything you think will be too tight, (2) choose clothing that will be easy to put on, (3) make sure to wash all clothing items at least twice before putting them on your doll to make sure the colour doesn't absorb into your doll's skin, (4) take clothing off before storing your doll, and (5) try to avoid very dark items where the colour may be absorbed into your doll's skin inadvertently.

Care & Maintenance

Don't try this until you've gotten comfortable handling your doll. We have a video on the subject. Once you are ready, you simply grab the eye by the whites and pull back. To put them back in, stretch open the eye socket first, and then slide in the eye. This takes some practice! Don't be too scared - the worst thing that may happen is her eyelashes may fall off, which is easily fixed on your own.

Doll skin can be easily stained if left in contact with a strong dye, as the TPE material is highly absorbant. One of the best tricks that has been successfully used is the use of baby oil, followed by Odorless Mineral Spirits, although use it at your own risk!

Also check out our Stain Removal Wipes.

Below is a great blog on our favourite Forum explaining more:

The Doll Forum - How To Remove TPE Stains

It is very important to thoroughly clean, and dry, your doll after each and every use. Water-based lubrication MUST be used every time, and as this dries out during use and becomes sticky, it needs to be reapplied liberally to avoid damaging the doll. For easy cleaning, we always recommend using a condom; however, this is not required. When cleaning out any of your doll or masturbator's cavities, always use luke-warm water (not hot) with anti-bacterial soap, using a irrigator. You'll also find that the "free" irrigators that come with your doll don't last long, so you may want to consider investing in a higher-quality one from our site. Make sure it has an active anti-bacterial ingredient in it, such as triclosan, triclocarban, benzalkonium chloride, benzethonium chloride, or chloroxylenol. We personally like "Softsoap's Antibacterial Soap", which can be purchased in large-volume containers.

Mix and Match

Please keep in mind that 6YE and some DollForever brands have a proprietary head design which does not allow for interchangability with other manufacturers. Older 6YE heads may be interchangeable with other manufacturers. In general, we can't guarantee compatibility between heads and bodies from different manufacturers and usually recommend you don't purchase one or the other assuming they will fit. Moreover, please remember that every time a doll and head are manufactured, there may be small colour differences in the batch of TPE / silicone used. As a result, there are no guarantees that heads purchased separately from a body will be a perfect match. Also keep in mind that skin colours between manufacturers may be different, although they may appear to be the same in photographs. Please contact us with any specific compatibility questions and we'll be happy to look into it for you!

Yes! Eyes are virtually all interchangeable.

Yes, for full-size dolls - which represents all the dolls on our website.

Return & Exchange Policy

As a general case, SDC does not offer refunds. All sales should be considered final. However, we currently have a "friendly return" policy in place (may be discontinued at any time) that does allow for the return / exchange / refund of some items in some cases. Please visit our Friendly Return Policy page for more details on this program. 

It depends on the item, but at a minimum it will be at least 25% of the total sale paid. Any rebates / promotions offered at the time of sale will be nullified, and if already used, will be subtracted from the amount refunded. Please contact us for more information.

No, not usually. Please contact us for more information.

Unfortunately, the customer pays all costs associated with any product returns / exchanges, unless otherwise expressly committed to by SDC management.

Issue with Doll

When it comes to factory photos, please note that the product photos on our website are taken by a professional photographer, supplied by the manufacturer to us, and not taken by the factory workers with their cell phone camera.

The heads on dolls will have semi-permanent make-up and even though every effort is made by the make-up artists to re-create the make-up done by the photographer during the photo session, it is not guaranteed to match 100%.

In the rare event that you don't like it you can simply remove it with makeup remover and re-apply make-up to your own personal preference.

When the doll arrives, you will receive exactly the doll as shown to you in the factory photos. First, compare the factory photos sent to you prior to shipping your doll with the doll you received. If these are significantly and obviously different then please let us know right away.

Remember that professional photoshoots are just that, professional photos that may have undergone some retouching. On the other hand, factory photos typically make the doll look terrible and much worse than how they will appear when the doll is unboxed.

What you will see when your doll arrives is usually in the middle, and you will very likely be very satisfied! WIth a little love and care, you can make the doll look just as sexy as the photographer did!

They may not be, especially "breast cup sizes" and "shoe sizes", which can only be estimated. The dimensions we offer on our website are for reference purposes only, and may not be free of errors. If there are gross errors (i.e. A-cup instead of a D-cup), please let us know right away!

It is always best to wait for your doll to arrive first before purchasing clothes where sizing is important. Try to avoid any tight-fitting items, and if you are a "beginner", stick with items that will be easy to dress!

It would be highly unusual, but mistakes can happen. If they do, we will own it.  Please compare the photos sent to you prior to shipping your doll, with the doll you received. If these are significantly, and obviously, different than please let us know right away.

New dolls are often very tight, and some of the orfices may appear very small or non-existent. This differs from manufacturer to manufacturer. Put some lube on a finger and do some exploring and try to "open things up". If you are having trouble and believe there is a product issue, please don't hesitate to contact us.

Depending on how "fresh" the doll is, the smell of residual solvent might be less or greater. This smell will go away! Keep your doll in a well ventilated area and the smell will subside quicker. Use the Renewal Powder, and feel free to add a mild fragrance, and you can make her smell any way you prefer!

Delivery / Lead Time

If you ordered a custom-made doll, the shipping time may vary from 2-8 weeks, depending on a variety of factors. Some manufacturers are more punctual than others as well. Please write to us with a specific product in mind, and we can advise you on current and expected lead times, door-to-door. 

Ordering a doll from our stock should have the doll at your doorstep within five (5) business days from the date your payment was received. If you'd like it received quicker, please let us know, and we may be able to explore expedited shipping options.