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DS Doll / Doll Sweet - Manufacturer Details

Doll Sweet - True Works Of Art For Those Who Want The Very Best

If you are looking for a doll with the highest level of detail and realism, then a silicone doll is the best option. Silicone love dolls are not only used as adult toys, but also professionally. They're great models for photographers and film makers as mannequins capable of many different poses.

DS Doll ( Doll Sweet ) brings dreams to life with their highly detailed, realistic silicone dolls. Each doll is modelled from a real life model to achieve extreme detail and texture. Everything from the skeletal frame design to the makeup is considered for the best of both form and function.

ds doll evo kayla s class makeup silicone sex doll canada

DS silicone dolls are built with a specially formulated silicone skin material which gives them a lifelike texture and softness. It reflects less light than oil based (TPE) dolls, making DS silicone dolls perfect for photography, yet still soft enough for intimate play.

DS dolls have a sophisticated and durable skeleton system that not only provides reliable structural support, but also allows for a full range of motion. The high quality galvanized metal frame and hinge system is designed to restrict the range of movement similar to a real life person. Dolls will not pose in unnatural postures. As part of the skeletal frame, two type of joints options are offered: tight joints for better photographic posing, and loose / ragdoll effect joints for better intimate use.

ds doll metal frame skeleton hinged joints natural silicone sex doll canada

The interior metal frame of a DS doll is covered with a soft PU (polyurethane) sponge and covered with silicone skin - this allows for a great size to weight ratio as well as to improve softness.

DS Doll cross section structure metal frame pu foam silicone skin sex doll canada

The breasts are very soft, filled with a special soft silicone beneath the regular silicone skin outer layer - the feeling mimics a real breast.

ds doll breast filled with soft silicone sex doll canada

As DS dolls are made of silicone, there are some recommended movement guidelines to follow so as to reduce the amount of stress on the silicone. Following these guidelines will ensure long and happy days with your doll without the need for repairs. The range of movement guidelines can be found by clicking here or on the image below:

DS Doll recommended movement range usage guidelines silicone care sex doll canada