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Doll Forever / Doll4Ever - Manufacturer Details

Doll Forever Brand Logo Sex Doll Canada

Doll Forever - Pushing The Limits of Beauty

Doll Forever is an experienced manufacturer and brand of luxury TPE sex dolls. Also known as Doll4Ever, this manufacturer fuses art and beauty along with high quality craftsmanship for all their beautiful love dolls!

Soft To No End

Doll Forever designs tend to be gentle on the eyes with sexy soft flowing curves from head to toe. Doll Forever dolls are made from platinum TPE flesh, an unrivaled formula of incredible softness with low odour! Along with rigourous testing for contaminants, Doll4ever's platinum TPE is the finest.

Fluid Movement

Doll Forever dolls have hinged skeletons for stability, but can still pose in a vast amount of positions; this is normally not seen in hinged skeleton dolls. These dolls have some of the best weight to size ratios, so you can enjoy more positions with less effort! The Doll Forever dolls also have the option to stand without screws.

Doll Forever skeleton frame free fluid movement hinge chart

Advanced squat option doll forever