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IN-STOCK - Professional Cleaning Tool / Irrigator / Douche

  • Getting cleaned has never been easier with this high-quality irrigator / cleansing system! Designed to be practical, this silicone-based cleansing bulb is comfortable, easy to use, and safe for beginners. The squeeze bulb is soft and pliable, making it easy to screw the applicator onto its top. The curved applicator is designed to access those hard-to-reach spots, allowing incredible cleansing power. Simply fill the bulb with liquid, including anti-bacterial soap, then squeeze the bulb to release. Perfect for Fanta Flesh and TPE products.

  • Package Depth: 3"
    Package Width: 5.5"
    Package Height: 8.5"
    Package Weight: 8 oz (227 grams)
    Country of Origin: USA
  • (1) Silicone bulb
    (1) Curved applicator

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