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December 23, 2020

This time of year, with all the hustle and bustle of online orders, it is an open secret that couriers are NOT gentle with all the packages being delivered.

Moreover, sex dolls make for big, bulky deliveries - and sometimes the transfer stations are not kind to our big boxes. Some of the drivers certainly don't appreciate the extra back ache either.

Below is a real-life example of a doll box that was shipped to us from China in December of 2020 by FedEx air freight. Even the foam inside had been badly damaged, amazingly the doll itself only had a small scuff, which we were able to quickly fix before shipping.

Box from ChinaBox from China 2


For minor box damage, we will repair with cardboard cladding and heavy-duty packaging tape at no charge. But for damage like this, we offered our customer a no charge upgrade to a heavy-duty Canadian made triple-corrugated box. We don't even notify the customer, we just fix the problem and make sure the doll gets delivered safely.

Heavy duty Canadian made triple corrugated cardboard box
These boxes can also be upgraded to when purchasing a doll.

Our online-only competitors can't offer this.These boxes aren't available pre-made from Amazon, or even from Uline, and have to be custom-ordered 50 at a time from packaging companies. This requires a real company, and a real warehouse, to properly check and pack these complicated and expensive orders.

If you are concerned that buying off another online vendor may result in your doll being delivered with an arm or a leg sticking out, you now have one more reason why you should trust SD Canada with your most private purchase this Holiday Season!

Merry Christmas from the team at SD Canada.


- Rick, Jenny, Serge, Al and Angelo

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