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October 28, 2020

Starpery: A New Collection of Ultra-Realistic Sex Dolls

Choosing a sex doll is not an easy task. There are many characteristics that must be considered. Three of the top ones that are customers mention are:

  1. High quality product
  2. Realism of product
  3. Value for money

We think this new supplier has all three!

Starpery is a premium Sex Doll supplier, that offers bodies in both Silicone and TPE. Heads are all silicone, in order to provide the most realistic heads & faces. But what really sets this brand apart is the impressive details that make these girls look like real humans.

Starpery Sex Dolls excels for quality and realistic details
Starpery Sex Dolls excels for quality and realistic details


Some of the other upgrades available include:

  • Realistic Veins on Eyes
  • Implanted Pubic Hair
  • Realistic Tan Lines
  • Internal Heating
  • Moaning System with 5 Motion Triggers
  • Realistic Veins on Body
  • Implanted Synthetic Hair
  • Implanted Human Hair

Tan Lines Available - Starpery Ultra Realistic Sex Dolls
Tan Lines Available

In addition, you can also opt for Easily Movable Eyes, to make sure her look will always please you. 

She's got the looks that kill
She's got the looks that kill

Wait no more! Browse now our brand new Starpery Sex Doll Collection!

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