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April 13, 2020

It has been a long time since we adjusted our prices; however, with the recent increase in international shipping costs from ALL major carriers (FedEx, UPS, DHL, etc. - see here as an example) and the sudden drop in the Canadian dollar due to lower oil prices, effective April 15, 2020, we will be implementing a price adjustment on all full-size dolls and torsos. This applies to both Standard Shipping items and Dropship / Expedite orders.

However, this does NOT affect any of our In-Stock toys, accessories, and dolls that we have currently In-Stock. As these products were not affected by the recent price increases imposed on us, in fairness to our customers we will not be increasing these prices whatsoever.

Please remember, when you buy from Sex Doll Canada, that:

  • We are the only Canadian-based vendor listed on The Doll Forum
  • We take payment directly in Canadian dollars, whereas the others will mostly take payment in US Dollars ($USD) charging Canadian buyers a hidden 2-3% fee (charged by Paypal or your Credit Card) not shown in their prices
  • While competitors mostly claim "Customs Assistance" or "Shipping Free with Customs Clearance", this is not the case for Canada - you will receive a bill for $150 - $300 CAD from FedEx / UPS that you are likely not expecting
  • We must charge sales tax as a Canadian corporation - but we pay all import fees, customs & duties - not just shipping
  • When you buy from a non-Canadian company, YOU are the Importer of Record and are solely responsible for Customs Clearance with the Canadian Border Services Agency. What will you do if you are shipped the wrong doll by mistake?
  • We also perform a complimentary quality check, in person in Toronto, on anything shipped using our Standard Shipping option - you don't just get Factory Photos with us!


For USA and European Customers

Also remember, that as always, the prices on our website are presented by default in Canadian dollars ($CAD). With the Canadian dollar being so low, in your currency, our prices are even cheaper!

Just use the currency exchange to see how cost effective we are compared to our competitors!

Currency Exchange

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