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March 16, 2021

This month, we want to alert our customers to the top 3 SCAMS when buying a Sex Doll.

And remember: If you have been the victim of a scam, be sure to report through the appropriate authority.

Learn more at: https://www.competitionbureau.gc.ca/eic/site/cb-bc.nsf/eng/04339.html

Having a Sex Doll is a journey of companionship, self-esteem and fun.

So be very attentive to these 3 signs of SCAM, when you are about to buy a Sex Doll:

1) Cheap Prices

Be Alert with Cheap Prices when buying a Sex Doll

It is not an uncommon situation to find great price deals from online vendors. It is also not uncommon to be tempted to buy a Sex Doll at a super attractive price. But the fact is that the Internet is infested with fraudulent sellers, and what starts with an inviting offer is likely to end up as a big headache. We have heard many stories of customers who paid for a Sex Doll, and after a while never heard anything from the seller or received a cheap plastic inflatable doll, or a low quality version (i.e. a fake or low quality counterfeit). Without having a phone number to call, a business office address, a sales consultant to talk about the products, it becomes clearer that it is just another scam. We know that Sex Dolls are not cheap and that customers want to be sure they are making a worthwhile investment. Therefore, we offer a Price Match policy:

We match the prices of our competitors, in case the customer finds a better advertised offer from a Reputable Dealer.

Make sure to read our Price Match policy .

2) No Contact Options

Make sure you can reach out to a vendor, before spending your money on a Sex Doll

When we want to contact a company, it is very common to visit their website and scroll down to the bottom. This is usually where we find it: phone, e-mail, address, or an option for chat. Finding a website that has no reliable contact options is a huge red flag! Be alert, as, in the process of buying your Sex Doll, you will want to contact the seller during several steps: to ask questions about the products before purchase, to check factory photos, to know about the status of your delivery, post sales support if something goes wrong once your order is received, etc.


A tip is to refer to The Doll Forum's list of trusted sellers. The Doll Forum (TDF) is the largest open platform specialized in Sex Dolls in the world, with the participation of manufacturers, sellers, fans, experts, and users. If a vendor is not listed there, you need to ask yourself why not?

If they are a real business selling original & authentic sex dolls, they will have invested in supporting this forum.

Check the list of TDF approved vendors:

3) Fake Sex Dolls

Look for trusted vendors and avoid a huge headache when buying a Sex Doll

Sex Dolls are high ticket products. And just like any other product, there are different brands with different characteristics and quality standards. Many of our customers already know exactly which brand they want to buy, or have some brands of preference. Some scammers take advantage of the reputation of these brands to offer fake products. The truth is that legit and trusted sellers work with legit and real products.

We’ve already talked about the list of trusted TDF vendors here. But another recommendation is to read reviews from customers who have already done business with the seller. Make sure that reviews are made available by a trusted platform like Yotpo or Trustpilot. The Doll Forum (TDF) is also a great place to read reviews from real customers.

Sex Doll Canada is the largest and most well known sex doll retailer in the country, with an Office and Warehouse in Toronto. We also have a sister-company in the USA with a warehouse in New York.

We have hundreds of reviews from our clients. Spend some time to read them, and make sure you are purchasing from a vendor with a good reputation.

Visit now our Review's Page.

Not only because March is the Fraud Prevention Month, but we are always happy to support our clients, giving them valuable information and keeping them updated about the Sex Doll universe.

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