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November 16, 2019

After 6 months of meticulous preparation, Sex Doll Canada and DollForever are thrilled to present you the new DollHouse168 2019 series. The idea of creating this new series originated from the feedback DollForever got from their loyal customers, who were really into previous Japanese style dolls, and requested the design of some more animated / anime / cartoon theme dolls. This will also become the main theme of this incredible manufacturer's future design.

Other than that, the new DollHouse168 2019 series will have the same neck design as DollForever, the M16 bolt neck design. In order to make it more convenient for customers to make their choices and try out different combinations, the skeleton design and production, along with the TPE material will be the same as DollForever moving forward. All Dollhouse 168 2019 series dolls will use the EVO skeleton.

Furthermore, we now offer more wig and insert options. Different inserts can be applied to different size of DollForever, Piper and DollHouse168 2019 series dolls.

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