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Doll House 168 - Manufacturer Details

Doll House 168 - The Pursuit of Beauty and Sexy

The Doll House 168 brand is committed to bringing the world the very best in luxury, beauty, and quality for TPE sex dolls. Doll House 168 was founded to address the shortcomings of TPE dolls such as: limited movement joints; strong chemical smells; and unattractive sculpting. Fusing art and beauty with the latest design technologies, Doll House 168 has very quickly gained worldwide fame!

Instead of simply copying reality, Doll House 168 favours fierce sexy designs with strong beauty, aiming to bring us beautiful goddesses that rival reality. Doll House 168's soft and gentle, yet sharp and modern sculpted designs tempt the eyes and overflow with sexiness. Their dolls are made from the finest platinum TPE formula flesh, which is incredibly soft and has low odour!

Doll House 168 155cm Chloe love doll Sex Doll Canada 

Doll House 168 has engineered advanced skeletons that can pose in a vast amount of positions! There's even a squatting option! This is normally not possible with a hinged skeleton frame. DH168 dolls are also well balanced between size and weight, not overly heavy.