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IN-STOCK - SD Canada - Top Ten of the Year (Collector's Edition)

Dear Doll Fan –

Here at Sex Doll America and Sex Doll Canada, we work hard all year long to bring our customers the sexiest, most wanted, high quality and affordable sex dolls available anywhere – delivered discreetly to your door!

We understand full well that our continued existence is only permitted by our steadfast loyal customers who come for our Low Prices and High Value, but stick around with us for more because of our good ol’ fashioned Customer Service and commitment to fair operations.

Please accept this Top Ten of the Year – the first Collector’s Edition of its kind – as a Thank You for your business. If you love sex dolls as much as we do, we think you’ll appreciate this Top Ten rundown of our Fan Favorites as a nice keepsake you can stow away with your doll (maybe you have one of these ladies?). It will also allow you to take a peek at what we have Coming Soon (don’t forget to check our centerfold)!

- A Note From Your Editor, Rick

IN-STOCK - SD Canada - Top Ten of the Year (Collector's Edition) has a rating of 4.3 stars based on 3 reviews.