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Product Option Tutorial: Permanent Areola & Labia Makeup Colouring for Irontech Dolls

What is Permanent Areola & Labia Colouring?

The standard factory applied makeup on a TPE sex doll will inevitably fade with use over time. This reduces realism when the areola and labia return to the base skin tone underneath. It is not easy to do a doll's makeup, especially since most men know nothing about applying make up. It can also get messy and feel unrealistic.

Irontech now offers a permanent colouring / make up for the areola and labia. This colouring is durable and will keep your doll's sensitive areas looking beautiful. When buying an Irontech doll, you will see the option for permanent makeup. Upload reference vagina and nipple pictures for color matching, or choose the default style permanent colouring:

default irontech permanent nipple areola colouring makeupdefault irontech permanent vagina labia colouring makeup