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EX-Lite By DS Doll Details

DS Doll (Doll Sweet) EX-Lite Love Doll


Designed for more than just the bedroom, the EX-Lite ultralight real love doll by Doll Sweet is very different from the usual silicone or TPE sex dolls! Great to expand your real doll album, hold your best japanese toysheart onahole, or just to cuddle with her soft big tits in your face!

  • A new type of PUR (polyurethane) foam skin material is used to keep the doll light, portable, and soft. The quality is very good; durable for transport from set to set and long night use. It warms up quickly to the touch as well.

  • Weight under 8 KG! The skeleton is made of very strong industrial POM-type plastic instead of metal. This type of plastic is also used for racing.

lightweight lift

  • The EX-Lite doll is very beautiful and lifelike compared to other lightweight sex dolls. Many competing foam / plush / inflatable dolls lack the fine realistic details achieved by DS Doll.

  • Modular. The EX-Lite doll has a split design, making her easy to disassemble, store, and transport. Being so compact, it is easy to store and hide her; great for those worried about space and discretion. In addition, if any of the removable limbs need replacing, they can be purchased separately.
  • Non-oily. This is a great doll to cuddle with as the soft skin will not leak oils into your sheets. Also, unsightly dark clothing stains are greatly reduced.


Height Weight Breast Cup
5'4" / 163 cm 8 kg / 17.6 lbs E
Bust Waist Hip
30" / 77 cm 22" / 55 cm 31" / 80 cm
Under-Bust (Frame) Vaginal Depth Shoe Size
 24" / 61 cm 5.9" / 15 cm 5.5 / 22 cm



The head and waist can bend forward, backward, left, and right up to 30 degrees. The head can twist 30 and the waist 45.

The legs can be separated sideways up to 130 degrees, and bent forwards 60.

The upper arms can be raised forward 60 degrees, back 10, and out to the sides 80.

The forearms can rotate 60 degrees, have 45 of wrist movement, and can bend 60.

Sexual play:

This doll has a cavity for the provided removable insert that is 15 cm deep. Other silicone inserts that fit may be used as well. If you find it difficult to push the insert in, try wrapping it with some smooth plastic, like a shopping bag to reduce the friction

Cleaning and care:

Clean with mild soap and water. Castile soap is a great option, as it is vegetable based. Dry out the orifaces to prevent mold after rinsing. This doll can tolerate a photo session, but do not keep her out in the sun. Store it in a cool dry place away from chemicals and flames.


For this lady, some assembly is required. Begin with the fattest yellow stick and insert it into her neck connector, then follow with the head.

Of the remaining sticks, insert the two longer yellow sticks into the arms.

Then the two shorter ones into the legs. After inserting the sticks into the connectors, push the limbs onto each.